Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized by national and global clients as the most trusted third party laboratory in India providing trace level analytical solutions in chosen fields and whose hallmarks are integrity, quality, service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Focus Areas:

Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

To promote human health through testing Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices in cGMP complaint environment and to develop new validated methods of testing.

Mapping Mineral Resources

To help in exploration and mapping of mineral sources e.g. gold, platinum group elements, rare earths, base metals, precious metals, in Africa and Asia.

Materials Characterization
To assess and improve product safety and regulatory compliance through chemical, microscopic, thermal and biological characterization techniques.
Food and Nutrition

To participate in "Farm to Fork" Supply Chain Solutions for food safety at production, preservation and consumption stages by being a trusted quality assurance partner.

Industrial Hygiene

To promote clean and green environment by identification, evaluation and control of toxic substances and harmful physical agents in the work place and environment

Shiva Analyticals is proud to be a part of the Cotecna Group. Shiva Analyticals ( India) Private Limited is one of the foremost analytical testing labs in India
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Management Team
Shiva Analyticals (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, are pioneers in providing world-class analytical solutions.
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