Safety Week


COVID-19 Outbreak



Dated: 24th March 2020


In response to the worldwide novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have devised a business continuity response at all levels of our organisation in order to protect the health and safety of its employees and our customers.

In view of the same, as per the instructions from the Secretariat, Government of Karnataka, order No. HFW 54 CGM 2020, dated, 23.03.2020 and Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India order No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 24.03.2020, we have decided to lockdown and halt all our laboratory testing operations temporarily for 21 days from 00:00 hrs. of 24th March, 2020 up to 00:00 hrs. of 14th April, 2020. However, the support staff who do not require the laboratory to be opened, will continue to work offline from home. All of our managerial staff are available either by phone or by e-mails. Specific approval has been obtained from the local authorities to operate the laboratory with limited manpower in order to avoid social distancing and considering testing operations as essential services. 

Employee safety

The following safety protocols and etiquettes will apply:

  • Implementation of strict personal hygiene protocols for all employees and customers in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and Ministry of Health and family welfare (MoHFW).
  • Education of all employees and enforcement of social distancing recommendations of the WHO both within the facility and those of our clients.
  • Immediate notification of any positive cases of COVID-19 to our HR team.
  • All business visits and other operatives performing services at client or third-party premises are required to comply with all hygiene guidelines and to wear the appropriate PPE.

Ensuring continuity of critical activities

To ensure that we can meet our clients’ service level requirements we have taken additional measures to safeguard our critical activities in the laboratory and in the field, including the following:

  • All our business development and marketing team are advised to continue work from home avoiding any physical means of contact with our customers.
  • The samples received from the customers during this lockdown period will be quarantined for at least 24 hrs. to make sure it is free from COVID-19 threat.
  • The quarantined samples will be stored at required temperature as per the product category.
  • These quarantined samples will be received by the customer services team and will be taken forward for booking in LIMS and subsequently transferred to the lab for analysis.
  • While handling samples, all the staff will use appropriate PPEs to protect face and hands which comes in contact with the sample.
  • The criticality and urgency of the sample analysis will be assessed by the concerned department heads and accordingly analysis will be planned and executed.
  • Period of Storage of analyzed samples will be extended by 1 month to allow customers to request any retest, if required and applicable.
  • Environment sampling activity is halted temporarily until further notice, as the sampling cannot be done at our customer site.
  • Maintenance team is in place to ensure 24 hr. uninterrupted power supply to the instruments and servers/IT room.
  • The lab managers, Information Technology (IT), Client Service Department (CSD) and other relevant support functions will be working from home to get engaged in customer’s communications, release of reports and collections etc.
  • Technical Support Department (TSD) team will engage one of the personnel in shifts to ensure incessant operations of the instruments and equipment’s installed at our premises.The physical activities (including monitoring of laboratory site, facilities, sample receipt and employees) at the premises will be monitored remotely by managerial staff through CCTV footages.
  • Security services will be available at the premises.

Business continuity and evolution of measures

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) around the country and the varied measures taken by central and state governments, are constantly monitored and updated as necessary.

Currently, we have been able to continue operations only on a few functions and the laboratory testing activities are halted, subject to observance of any specific measures taken by local governmental authorities.

For up-dated information on our operational capacity or further information regarding the health and safety protocols implemented, please get in touch with our HR team.



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