Ores & Minerals Testing Services

A mining company's corporate wealth is tied to precise estimation of mineral resources, and highly reliable geochemical assays are of paramount importance. Our ores & minerals division is the market leader in providing assaying and analytical services for mining and mineral exploration companies. Our specialized expertise is in the analysis of variety of sample types (soil, sediment, rock cuttings and core), we are proud of our 18 years of track record and offer a comprehensive range of test packages designed to suit the needs of the industry.

Our ores & minerals lab follows international standard protocols in sample preparation, digestion and analysis. Having country's best high through-put sample preparation/digestion facilities and state of the art instrumentation enable us to achieve faster turnaround times to serve you better. Our NABL accredited laboratory routinely engages in R&D checks and participates in International round robin studies of laboratories for ensuring high quality, reliability and accuracy of our results.

Our Services include:

  • Estimation of Gold in ppm and ppb levels using Fire assay
  • Platinum group elements in ppb levels
  • Base metals
  • Trace and rare earth elements
  • Major oxides for minerals of Iron Ore, Limestone, Bauxite, Manganese Ore, Chromite, Columbite.
  • Tiered reports - Certificate of Analysis, quality control report and interpretive quality control report
  • Certification of Working standards as per ISO Guide 35: 2006
  • Ultrapure acids with certificate of analysis

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