Fuels and Oils Testing Services

Fuel Contamination:

Shiva Analyticals lab tests diverse fuels e.g. petrol, diesel, for full quality specifications following regulatory standards such as ASTM, ISO, and IP standards. In-house expertise and analytical resources make Shiva an ideal fuel testing provider for trouble-shooting and trace contamination issues.

Fuel tests Include:

  • Testing of Diesel specification requirements as per IS: 1460-2005
  • Testing of Petrol specification requirements as per IS: 2796-2000
  • Testing of contaminants and Adulteration in various Fuels

Lubricating Oils:

Lubricating oil testing and oil condition monitoring provides quality and condition assessment of lubricants and oils used in engines and other expensive machineries. Lubricant quality control testing includes lubricant analysis programs for large, high-value engines and drive-trains, diesel trains, offshore platforms etc. Shiva lubricant quality testing helps clients minimize costly down-time and repairs by alerting the customer to early, developing problems before they become big, expensive, and costly failures.

Lubricant tests include:

  • Finger printing for consistency
  • Physico-chemical characteristics
  • Testing of Gear Lubricant as per IS 1118: 1982 / IS: 8406-1993 / IS: 9554-1980
  • Wear Metal Testing and trend analysis for the life of the component
  • Waste oil and Used oil as per Schedule V & VI of Central Pollution Control Board
  • Metal trend analysis for the life of the component
  • Additives packages (Fillers, antioxidant and Anti caking agent)

Industrial Oils

Industrial machinery literally runs on oil and successful outcome of manufacturing depends on that oil being maintained properly. Plants that turn blind eye to the oil maintenance do so at great risk. Industrial oils also become abrasive from wear metals, abrasive dirt and particle contamination. Shiva's Industrial Oils quality testing services helps clients maintain the required quality standards

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Fuels & Oils
Shiva Analyticals lab tests diverse fuels e.g petrol, diesel, for full quality specifications following regulatory standards such as ASTM, ISO, and IP standards.