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Any pharmaceutical quality control laboratory, serves one of the most important functions in pharmaceutical production and control i.e., regulatory compliance testing of the products...
Food & Agri
Producing safe and healthy food "From Farm to Fork" is no accident. Regulatory bodies, retailers and consumers are demanding evidence of food safety programs,..
Materials testing is often required to ensure that your products and their component parts can perform according to their intended use and endure for their expected life.
Ores & Minerals
A mining companys corporate wealth is tied to the estimation of mineral resources and highly reliable quality assays are of paramount importance in protecting assets and investments.
Industrial Hygiene deals with the assessment and control of physical, chemical, biological or environmental hazards in the workplace or environment..
Fuels & Oils
Shiva Analyticals lab tests diverse fuels e.g petrol, diesel, for full quality specifications following regulatory standards such as ASTM, ISO, and IP standards.
Welcome to Shiva Analyticals

Shiva Analyticals ( India) Private Limited is one of the foremost analytical testing labs in India, providing solutions across diverse industries; Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Minerals & Ores, Fuels & Oil, Industrial Hygiene and Material testing.

Our portfolio of services includes providing detailed analytical solutions and testing using state-of-the-art instrumentation and an experienced team of scientists. Our 40,000 sq feet, state-of-the-art laboratory is a fully equipped analytical testing laboratory in Bangalore to test and analyse as per standard, customer-supplied and in-house validated methods. Founded in 1997, Shiva Analyticals has been providing expert solutions to many companies in India and abroad.

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From the CEO DeskIn Step with Future
Dr.G.Sudesh Kumar
Pharmaceutical industry and regulatory compliance have a long association, however, the development of each of these has been on a different stride.
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